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FARR automatically pops up on Windows 10 [solved]

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on my work laptop running Windows 10 x64 I experience a strange behavior with FARR:

if my computer was either locked or in sleep mode (which also causes locking up) after I log in the FARR search window is shown and can't be closed using the X button. If I use the hotkey to bring up FARR the window gains the focus and when hitting the hotkey again it is hidden again. I changed the memory usage setting from Average to "stay in memory" today and after logging out and in again the Settings dialog was shown instead of the FARR search window, the behavior was the same and the window couldn't be closed using either the OK button nor the window's X button.
It is not a big bug as I know how to handle it but a fix would still be nice, though :-)


in my case I had to force FARR to run on the Nvidia graphics card rather than using the internal Intel graphics card.

Hi Sascha.

It sounds like maybe some weirdness about the FARR window being minimized to the tray, but the system thinking it should show it.. I'm trying to think why that would happen or how to fix it..
There are some infrequently used FARR options in the "Window Options" and "Advanced Visuals" settings tabs.. Maybe you could post screenshots of your settings for these tabs -- they might hold some clues?

Is there anything else unusual about your laptop?  Do you sometimes have an external monitor connected? Is it possible that there is a utility that is thinking FARR was offscreen when the laptop woke up and is thus moving it back to the main monitor?

Anyone else with Win10 having this isssue?

Hi mouser,

thanks a lot for the feedback :Thmbsup:. I can't remember if and which settings I had changed but please find attached the screenshots of the two asked windows. My laptop is connected totwo external monitors, one of the two is configured as Windows' Main Monitor.

Should I perhaps uninstall, remove the configuration files (in case they are preserved and not removed) and reinstall?


FARR automatically pops up on Windows 10 [solved]
FARR automatically pops up on Windows 10 [solved]

Looks like your relevant settings are at the default.

I'm thinking the two-monitor wake from sleep could be the culprit, if one of the monitors wakes up more slowly and windows tries to move FARR from a monitor it thinks is no longer connected.

Could I ask you to try a test where you disconnect the external monitor, and then after using FARR as you normally do, let your laptop go to sleep and then wake up, and see if you still experience the problem?

And just for fun you might try unchecking the box "Show on Taskbar When Active" on the Window Options tab, and the "Do not show icon in tray when minimized" on the Advanced Visuals tab, just to see if they has any effect on the problem.


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