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How many times do you have to get kicked before you realize that free services aren't free?

Dropbox has recently made a change so that you can only link to 3 devices on a free service.  And by link, that means use on a mobile device.  They spent all of that time getting people to buy into their API and share their service to get more space, and now in order to squeeze the last bit as they're entrenched are restricting the number of devices.

So how it relates to this thread... how are the sharing/syncing services here working out for everyone?  I'm definitely a lot more interested in this now.

Thanks for reminding me that I still need to try out NextCloud. I never did much with the free provider I signed up for because I didn't trust them with my data. :D

What are your syncing/sharing needs? Mine are fairly simple, and I don't need a lot of storage space. And I don't really sync data between many devices very often these days. It's mostly either cloud backup or sharing files.

I've been happy for years using BitTorrent Sync (v1.x) for sharing/syncing large files as needed. (I have backups of the v1.x installer files if you need them.)

I use Keybase for a few public files, but mostly for some private backups of important, but not huge, files.

For one-off sharing I've recently discovered and started using Firefox Send.

And of course, I do still have and use Dropbox, but that's mostly out of momentum (i.e., laziness).

Well, I use OneDrive for most of my heavy lifting.  It's just too good of a deal not to do so.  I was using Dropbox for more of the project-centric stuff that I want to access across devices and use with Apps.  That's what my primary negative reaction to the Dropbox thing is about- it's ubiquitous in apps now.  But they're limiting it to three devices total, which doesn't really work unless you just don't have devices.  I don't know of anything that's in as many apps as Dropbox is, unfortunately.


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