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Windows 7 always slow after idle

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You know it is pretty easy to make Windows 10 behave like Windows 7. This article (How-To-Geek) gets you there most of the way. With this tool (NeoWin), you can mimick Windows 7 on Windows 10 even more. And this article (AskVG) discusses how you can enable the glass effect from Windows 7 in Windows 10.

With O&O Shutup you can disable a lot more MS telemetry than the provided options by MS themselves. And with this tool (intowindows) you could exchange the Windows icons that come with Windows 10 for the same icons, but from Windows 7.

That should cover most, but likely not all, reasons to not abandon the Windows 7 bandwagon and jump onto the Windows 10 one. Once you have done all these steps, the experience with your BIOS on your motherboard will be better and you are more likely to get all the intended performance out of by using the Windows version the manufacturer designed it for.

Has anyone tried the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility?


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