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auto open Timer Watch window


First, thank you @WhiteTigX for all your work on T-Clock Redux! I wouldn't want to use a computer without it!

I have a question. Is there a way to open the Timer Watch window automatically when a time is started?

If not, consider this a feature request. Or to have the window pre-populated with the defined timers so that a simple single click would start the one I want? I only have 3 defined, so having them all show by default wouldn't be a problem. And if others have more, there is always the "hide" option to show fewer.

A way to "pause" the timer(s) would be nice, too, and possibly a way to stop a given timer while keeping it in the list. Maybe just 2 buttons on the end of the row of each timer, a play/pause button, and a restart button. Both could just be small icons, maybe similar to these which are from here:

Thanks for your consideration.

You need to give much more information than youre giving. Not to mention, Ive used easyuo for 10 years and never has it closed a client just by having them both open.


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