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DC's "EVIL DEAD" Get Together

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Some of us were discussing the possibility of having a get together in the mountains, and having the theme be "EVIL DEAD". It would be less costly for all of us to do it this way because we would not  have to worry about hotel expenses etc.

Please contact Dell[a] for any suggesstions or ideas.
and have a GROOOVY day! 8)

um.. evil dead??? where on earth did this idea come from  ;D

mountains... any mountains? we might need more specific directions..

I am all for this! I love the idea of an EVIL DEAD type theme for the get together. I will bring the necronomicon! Mouser says 2010, but I think sooner should be arranged. Perhaps spring next year!

i don't mean to be a wet blanket but umm.. maybe the first DC gathering should not involve dressing up as monsters.  and maybe it should be located someplace that can actually be reached without the aid of sherpas.

Dont have to dress up as monsters....
and it wouldnt be in far away from civilization
I know a great spot to go.... Let me try and find a web site....
I know of cabins that are fully equipped and even have jacuzzi's in a place with pools and tennis and hiking etc etc


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