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DC's "EVIL DEAD" Get Together

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Who wants to do the counter-strike server?  :tellme: :tellme:
I also like the webcam idea :)
-jgpaiva (August 17, 2006, 01:36 PM)
--- End quote ---

ooh, theres to many scary people on counter strike, i can imagine them sitting there in full combat gear hunched over there keyboards.

How about making our own engine?

not me...

Goth and I are working on something tho... and its coming along nicely  :greenclp:

I don't even own a copy of counterstrike :shrug: does that make me a bad geek?

Here's a what we were working on,...

We asked ourselves, what would be a cool place for the DC folk to hang around in,
so I started goofing around a bit, and received an instruction here and there from Dell[a],
and we came up with the idea to make an Inn (or something) where we could all hang out in.

This is the (very unfinished) result,...
The top floor is nowhere near finished (still needs wooden bars and wall decorations and stuff), and the roof is missing yet, but we're getting there :) )


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