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DC's "EVIL DEAD" Get Together

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and try and kill each other.

--- End quote ---


>:D    :Wizard:    >:D

How about a temp channel on irc and we all meet there at a specified time/date and use the old MS Comic Chat?

Click the thumbnail of my Comic Chat character to see a screenshot of part of a conversation we had in the DC irc channel a few months ago.

I can't remember who the beatnik was, but that floppy disk was mouser.  ;D

DC's "EVIL DEAD" Get Together
Normally the characters are NOT in color...I just happen to have a colorized set.  ;)

the idea of meeting up in second life is not a bad one..

Comic Chat ^_^

We need lotsa beer, no matter what.

Isn't there a free alternative to second life?
(planeshift comes to mind)


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