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DC's "EVIL DEAD" Get Together

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ok, maybe just work on having some sort of convention....
Back in Belgium Gothic used to go to one where where everyone brought their computers and networked them and shared all sorts of files/games/movies/programs etc. maybe thats something we can do...

just a thunk

a DC lan party!  ;D

ok, in the middle of us all..hmm , well that would propably be kiritimati island (blame the australians for messing up the average distance), its a lovely little rock , isolated, probably no wi-fi access however. Strong swimming ability recommended.

a DC lan party!

--- End quote ---

I'm all for that! :D

how about meeting up virtually in good old 'cyberspace'. in somewhere like 'second life'

or we could all meet up inside a game of unreal tournament (or whatever) and try and kill each other.


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