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DC's "EVIL DEAD" Get Together

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I only suggested that cos I've access to a station (ranch for USA people) here in australia for free and thought I could win

rather than making it easy for a few people and generally more difficult for the others how about just making it difficult for everyone - say, have the gathering in an inflatable boat somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

I'm in for Australia -- whenever it is.  Opening a savings account TODAY, just in case.

Yeah, I like the idea of having it somewhere in the middle of all of us. To cut costs, maybe some people can double up <car pool or something etc etc...Also, if u buy plane tickets in advance, they are usually cheaper....

tho, I dont wanna wait til 2010...I will have 10 kids by then, and harder to find a babysitter.... :o

Denmark, Denmark, Denmark! :P


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