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Forecasting of the financial markets entry for Contest


Submission for this contest.
Forecasting of the financial markets

Forecasting of the financial markets for developed and less developed countries of the world
For a demo daily efficiency of strategy of forecasting of base and fast systems on the average 70 % - 80 %.
The project of game strategies developed for financial markets by definition of the causal moments of market movements.
For definition of the determined movement of the market we offer to use as the basic approach methodology of the coordinated spectral analysis stated in article R.S. Rutman " On phisical iterpretations of fractional itegration and differentiation ", from University of Massachusetts, published in Russian magazine " Theoretical and mathematical physics", volume 105, № 3, in December 1995.

You can download it here:


those colors hurt my eyes though  :huh:

i sure hope you win a nice gui component set :)


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