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Whats on your desktop?

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I was going to answer Carol's post, using a drawing I remember from an old Calvin & Hobbes strip, but Google gave me some 2.8 million answers on 'Calvin' (because of Klein). So I am asking you all, how to search (images) for Calvin but not for Calvin Klein ??
-Curt (October 02, 2007, 02:03 PM)
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Thanks a lot, tinjaw.

I have by now seen and re-seen (?) a thousand Calvin & Hobbes images / strips, but sadly not the one I was looking for, so here is instead what my desktop will look like when sometimes my Desktop_Icon_Toy breaks down - and boy, I don't like the sight of it, because this does really not bring peace to my mind:

Whats on your desktop?

edited for wording and spelling

Updated desktop (there have been some major changes)

I now have 2 giant autohiding toolbars:

Whats on your desktop?

and with them hidden, you get to see the wallpaper my talented photographer daughter created....and my yahoo widgets (and the 'todo list of doom' with things that never get done)

Whats on your desktop?

nice desktop all right App :)
maybe you should autohide your todo list as well though !!
(for peace of mind of course)

do those widgets come looking that good or is that a theme -
couldnt be your win theme cause youre using windows classic  :-\

so where does one get such nice clocks & temperature readings etc  :)
I mean i know they're yahoo but there's thousands of them out there....
(i searched for cpu clock but couldnt see those ones)

Carol Haynes:
WAH - they are SERIOUSLY SCARY toolbars - no wonder you hide them!


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