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[Solved] Looking for a way to bookmark location in long article.

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There are several services that allow one to save an article for later reading but these seem to lack a feature that I would like.

I sometimes cannot finish a long article at one computer and upon going to another computer I have forgotten my place. 

Is there any solution for this?  That is, a service or add-in that keeps or marks one's place in a long article across computers/browsers?

Thank you.

what about something like this - or this

Liner is pretty cool and seems to be working well.  Thank you.

Have a look at Pocket:

Have a look at Pocket:

-MrZebulon (May 31, 2019, 04:13 PM)
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A nice service that I used, but it doesn't provide intra-page bookmarking or highlighting as was requested.


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