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Screen overlay during capture (like Windows sniping tool)

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I searched the options and the forums and couldn't find an answer - so apologies if this has been answered already - Please feel free to redirect me to the answer.

I would like to have a screen overlay for screen capture - just like how windows Sniping tool does - this makes it easy (for some people) to narrow down on what you are capturing -
Does screenshot captor have this option already ? if not, is there a way to add it ? If not doable, is there a workaround (for eg use AHk to trigger a transparent overlay which clears up the region you select.
Note: this request is specifically for selected region screenshot.

Have you tried the Region Capture feature (Grab selected Region, <Shft-PrtScr> hotkey by default) ?, that magnifies a region around the cursor for exact capturing.

OT: It is so darn useful I often use it to measure (pixel) misalignment between controls in applications I work on :-[

Yes, I regularly use that option - However, I am trying to get my wife to use SC but this (screen overlay) is the only thing standing between a successful convert and a non-liker  ;D ;D ;D

Can someone explain the difference between what you want and what SC does with the selected region capture feature?

The Windows Snipping tool "overlays" the entire screen with a "shadow" (not sure how to describe it) and the selection you make is "clear" making it maybe a little more obvious what region is being selected.

IMHO what SSC does is fine and perfectly clear. However if the user is used to one method they may be resistant to change. SSC does so much more than the Snipping tool.


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