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What is the Great GTD Experiment of 2006?

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I still don't understand what GTD is.  Sounds like someone just made up a catch phrase to get people to do what they should be doing anyway without paying for David Allen to come psyche them up to get organized etc.

I'd like to GTD, but I don't really know what that entails.

I think I'll join, maybe tomorrow or the next day....

I just finished reading David Allen's book (GTD). I'm very intrigued by his ideas, and I want to try putting them into practice.  Maybe with the help of the "GTD Experiment," I will start off on the right foot. I'm enthusiastic about participating!

Talking with Nudone and Urlwolf, i think there are several ways we could go with the GTD Experiment, depending on what people want to do.

Here is what sounds most interesting to me personally:  Start out with GTD basics, which i personally find very sensible.  And then after a while, when everyone has put into practice the key ideas for a few weeks, begin to discuss other ideas, like GED, and encourage people to share their experiences of what works and doesnt.

In other words, everyone who is participating is commiting to improve their efficiency and working process in a dramatic and permanent way.  We are doing this because we all want to learn to better manage the stuff we want to accomplish, and feel less stressed doing it.

This 3 month experiment is designed to help us find what works best for us and share those experiences.  The same thing that works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.  But by the end of these 3 months, you *will* have a system in place, and a new attitude about accomplishing your tasks.

You may find that GTD is perfect for you, and never veer off; you may find that you have to invent your own system.

The important thing is that by the end of the 3rd month, you will have a new system that works for you.  There is no room for excuses about "this system is a gimick it didn't work for me!" - because if it doesnt work it's YOUR responsibility to invent a system that does.

By sharing our ideas and experiences, perhaps we can come up with some new principles and rules for our own new DC-style efficiency system.

i've finished reading Mark Forster's most recent book 'Do It Tomorrow'. like urlwolf, i will now recommend it to anyone looking for guidance on how to manage their time better - especially if you have tried the GTD system in the past and not managed to stick at it.

i'm sure we'll be able to discuss the techniques found in the book over the oncoming weeks but i really don't think it fair to recite the words of Mr. Forster in detail here - it's more correct if his books are bought by anyone wishing to know more.

i will start to implement the Forster technique tomorrow - maybe only in a half-hearted way to serve as a warm up for the real DC GTD experiment kick-off.

anyway, i find myself unable to criticise anything that he has to say in the book - every bit of scepticism i had has gone and i'm looking forward to being fully productive from now on - and if i'm not i won't feel bad about it.


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