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What is the Great GTD Experiment of 2006?

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Hi JacobB! Have you seen Instant Boss yet? I think it came out pretty good. I hope you like it too.  :)

count me in....

Count me in too! :-)


Before anything, thanks a lot for the huge effort that you seem to be putting into this!

About Forster's score system:
In the page you mention he has an 'all or nothing' approach. That is, if you don't do all the tasks you set up for your day, you get 0 points.

I *think* I have read somewhere in his 2 books that he relaxed that scoring system but I might be wrong.

I spent 15 min looking for it and couldn't find it (damn paper version of books, if it was a pdf I'd be done!).

I think Forster is a dormant giant. Right now, GTD is completely dominating the field. But... watch out for GED. He is in the UK, whereas David Allen is in the US and a lot more 'commertial' (he has an entire company doing marketing, etc). GED is a one-man operation.

I think somebody with experience designing games *here at donation coder there must be someone!* should take care of the scoring system.

I encourage you to read at least "do it tomorrow". It's tiny.
I commit myself (here, a first commitment even before the GTD challenge has started :) ) to read the two books and post a review.

okay, i shall also order both of the Forster books later today.

from what i've read so far on his website i do like what he has to say. he's been through the GTD process and realised it isn't perfect - something many of us will relate to. he also has ideas that will be common i'm sure to those of us that have pondered on how to change our bad habits.

mouser will be developing the game scoring, or whatever it eventually turns out to be, but it will depend on what we learn and suggest as a group.

it has been suggested that we all attempt to live by the common GTD 'rules' for the first month of the experiment and then we can discuss what a scoring based method will require. the second or final month of the experiment will then hopefully be performed using the 'scoring program' for those of us that feel like using it.

the most important part will simply be the taking part as a group and hopefully finding that sharing the experience helps get things done. all being well, the scoring program will provide a solo method of sticking to GTD when there is no one else there to provide encouragement.


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