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What is the Great GTD Experiment of 2006?

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just an example of how GED works: it advocated closed lists, not todo lists. The problem with todo lists is that they grow and grow, and for any item crossed you manage to add two. The solution proposed is to have closed lists:

To Do Lists -- How we hate them!

PS: I'm in no way related to this site, just found the two books really good and easy compared to my struggling with GTD...

NA = next action

the books you recommend by Mark Foster look interesting, urlwolf. the only problem is that the thought of reading two books before i get anything done is already frustrating me - this might just be the mood i'm in today.

i'll think about ordering them in a few minutes - or maybe i'll just go and bang my head against a wall for a bit - and then order the books.

by the end of all this i really hope we have found a ridiculously simple way of getting things done.

urlwolf, i think you have revealed a very valuable source with Mark Forster. i have to agree with his anti to-do list theory. i'd say that's exactly why i don't use 'mylife organized' - or maybe i'm just not organized enough to actually use the program.

i'd been thinking for some time that with all the best intentions that you might have, there are still going to be times when you just cannot, or just will not, do the task you were expected to do. and there are times when you would simply prefer to be doing something else - welcome procrastination. it looks like Forster has thought about these lapses and allowed for them - so that's good reasoning in my book.

oh, i really, really hope we discover something really useful through all of this.

I've been implementing GTD in my life for a few years, and I would like to participate, share my experience or anything that I can help.


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