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[Solved] Capture moves window to other monitor

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Mouser, I somewhat recently upgraded my graphics card.  I have three monitors running on two cards, all use the same driver.

Ever since I did that, when I push the printscreen button (I like that) to enter capture mode, it creates a full-screen image of the monitor being captured and moves it to another monitor along with the sniper crosshairs and I have to move my mouse over there to select the region. 

It used to do this on the monitor where I am making the capture.  Now I have to select the area on the other monitor and it's annoying.

How do I fix this?  I'm running the latest version.

This sounds like it is a version of the problem that happens when the monitors are set to different HIGH-DPI settings (like when you have one 4k monitor and the others not).
Is that your situation? Can you confirm rebooting doesn't help?

Just to clarify, this happens when you do a Selected Region capture (normally shift+prtscr hotkey), yes?
And when it does this, the window that it creates, is it a magnified version of the monitor you are trying to capture?

What SC *should* be doing in this case, is basically taking a screenshot of your ENTIRE workspace (all the monitors) and then overlaying that over your screen, so that it can easily draw on it.  This seems to malfunction when there are multiple monitors and they are set to different high DPI options.

Mouser,  All three monitors are exactly the same, running at the exact same standard resolution of 1920 x 1080. 

So, I have my config set for printscreen button to enable region selection.

No, the screen isn't magnified - it just moves to the next monitor.  You know how when you go to select region, the screen "freezes" for a moment until you select the region?  I think what it really does is make a temporary full-screen bitmap of the full monitor's screen and then let you select what part of it you want.  Well, it's this full-screen bitmap that gets jumped to the next monitor.

Another thing is that when the full-size image is moved to the next monitor, when I select the part I want - that part works, but the auto-name that SC gives it is named by the highest window in the stack on that monitor.  So, if I have notepad open on the other monitor, the autonamer names it notepad, even if I am screenshotting something on the first monitor.

Restarting does not change anything.

Here are my monitor display configurations.
[Solved] Capture moves window to other monitor

Actually, this only happens if I try to take screenshots on the center monitor #2, where the full-size image and the crosshairs move onto monitor 3 for me to crop.  If I hit the hotkey on monitor #1 or monitor #3, it seems to work just fine.

Actually, this only happens if I try to take screenshots on the center monitor #2, where the full-size image and the crosshairs move onto monitor 3 for me to crop.  If I hit the hotkey on monitor #1 or monitor #3, it seems to work just fine
--- End quote ---

ok now this is bizzarre!!!! i am dying to know more.

first things first, can i clarify what kind of a capture you are performing?  It's "grab selected region" right?
And on the monitors where you say it is working, so you mean that if you trigger the capture on monitor 1, you can select a region on the ENTIRE workspace right, across all 3 monitors yeah?

OR are you saying that when you are triggering this capture, it's only ever letting you select a region that is confined to a single monitor?

I would love to have a video screencast of what is going on..

Mouser, yes, it is capture selected region.  I push printscreen and when I go to select the area, the crosshairs and the full-size image moves to the next monitor.
This happens on monitor 2 which is set to primary: the full-image jumps to monitor 3.  And I have the same problem even if DisplayFusion is not running.  If I try it on monitor 1 or monitor 3, it works like it ought to.

The "jump" happens as soon as I push the printscreen button.
If I push shift+printscreen to capture the last performed capture, I just get a white square - but the autoname is correct.

Yes, it's really strange.  But I can repeat the same issues over and over.
I don't know about a screencast (as it happens on two monitors), but I might be able to take a video with my camera.

If I capture the entire screen it works fine, too.

When I push printscreen to capture selected region, crossahairs and full-sized image appear on monitor 3.  I can select the region there.

So, in DisplayFusion, I tried changing the primary monitor to monitor3 and then I could could NOT grab an image on monitor 2 at all.  It's as if monitor 2 is immune.

Okay, now I've done it (playing with DF settings)...  Now printscreen only captures selected region on monitor 2, no matter what monitor I use the hotkey on (no matter where the mouse is) and it moves the fullscreen image of monitor 2 to monitor 3 every time.


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