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Which screen spec is most important for comfortable viewing?

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A smart phone does really not have "low pixel density", (on the contrary!), it just has a small monitor. As an example, my Samsung 8+ has a small 6.2" monitor with 2960x1440 pixels, which is a good deal more than my (old) 24" desktop monitor's 1920x1080 pixels. This gives the smart phone a better, smaller picture. Much better, but also much smaller.

LED light is problematic for the eyes. Most phone screens these days are LED backlit. Wonder is OLED any better? (you could check that out).
Dimmer screens and more yellow light is easier on the eyes. (OTOH dimmer screens / less contrast will also cause eye strain.)
In my phone I can change the hue of the light -- I made it more yellow but this does not seem to stick. The phone is also set to auto-brightness -- yellow tinge also varies, presumably with surrounding brightness i.e. implementation is poor -- I think these are default Android settings.

There are also the old tricks:

* vary where your eyes focus -- look in the distance regularly to (1) give your eyes a rest from focusing at fixed distance (2) to keep them working :-/
* looking at green is good to rest the eyes (seriously) -- combine with step above.


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