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Which screen spec is most important for comfortable viewing?

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Which screen spec is the most important for less eye tiring viewing?

A phone has high contrast but low pixel density and I wonder which is more important given that I read alot on the screen and my eyes get tired. Or anything else I should look for?


Are you actually asking about a phone-screen, pc-screen or screens in general?

Are you actually asking about a phone-screen, pc-screen or screens in general?
-Ath (May 19, 2019, 08:09 AM)
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Phone screen and reading texts mainly or websites (not sure if it makes a difference)

Consider glasses. Seriously. With the passing of time, the ability of eyes to focus weakens. In the beginning you are compensating (without you realizing this), which makes your eyes feel "tired". But really, get your eyes checked by a professional and purchase glasses with the correct lenses (for each eye, as eyes don't degrade in the same manner).

That will help you in more profound ways than a better screen on 1 device that you own. You are likely to have the same problem reading from devices that you do not own. Glasses solve your problem for every device you try to read long as you remember to carry them with you. For now it sounds like you are too vain to be seen wearing glasses full time. Nothing wrong with that, but age has that knack of catching up with you.

What Shades said. At the very least pick up a pair of inexpensive reading glasses and try them out. When I hit about 50 I decided it would be good to try that out, and 15 years later they are still working great. Of course now I have a dozen pairs, one in every room/car/backpack, and a small pair to carry around just in case. :P


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