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Type A Note On Screen Before Taking Screenshot

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It would be a standalone app -- I wonder if someone would consider making such a coding snack..
-mouser (May 16, 2019, 02:59 PM)
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Well, AFAICS that's already done quite alright in the fine SysInternals utility ZoomIt

Sticky Notes and ZoomIT, both excellent solutions.. Thanks rjbull+Ath.  :Thmbsup:

Just thinking a bit more about this: Regardless of how the text is put into the image (e.g., whether using ScreenshotCaptor edits, or ZoomIT, or StickyNotes, etc.), there is one image file format that would ensure that that text data becomes persistent, portable and searchable - .TIFF

* TIFF File Format Summary
* TIFF - Wikipedia
* TIFF and TIF Files Explained, and How to Open Them
* Image Types: JPEG & TIFF File Formats - Cambridge in Colour
For years, whenever I migrated to a new laptop, one of the first things I did was to ensure that iFilters were installed for OCR (Optical Character Reading) of .TIFF image files, so that WDS (Windows Desktop Search) could then be enabled to search for text content in those .TIFF image files.

However, in Windows 10, these iFilters now seem to be included by default - hurrah! Goodness knows why it's taken Microsoft this long to get around to doing that. If you look at the WDS settings (Advanced - File Types) you will see they are already set thus:

So, there's yet another approach - and a standards-based one at that - to saving/accessing images containing text.


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