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I work with classics movie files

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I am a member of a forum where we have access to many old movies. Many will never be released by the companies that hold the rights to them. Most are recorded on VHS tapes from the 80's and probably will never see the light of day again if we loose them.

Now for the request:
I would like to be able to get some conformity to the naming of the files. So would need something that I could open, go to the file in question, click on it, and then be able to manipulate the name.

Here is a general name by scene standards that I wish to imitate.


1) Box to write name
2) Box to write year
3) Box to write misc
4) Drop down to give encoding size
5) Drop down box to give rip type
6) Drop down box to give encoding codec

Would it be simpler to have an INI file? E.G. Ten generic listings and how you set up the INI file it could either be a box to write in or a drop down selection? If something is not selected or written to then it does not add to the name. Standard naming has a period instead of spaces through the entire name.

1) Left blank so I would be able to write in it
2) Left blank so I would be able to write in it
3) -- so programs knows to look at the INI file and get drop down options

INI file might look something like this? Or just each new line below a number is an option.
3: --
3a: SD
3b: 480P
3c: 576P
3d: 720P
3e: 1080P
4: --
5: --
6: --
7: --
8: --
9: --

Once done possibly make a NFO file with the name so information about it can be given? Possible check box to create one and another to open after creating.
Maybe an option to create a folder with the new name and move file and create NFO into it.

Being very descriptive so you get a real idea what I am asking up front. To me this seems a big ask but I am not sure how easy/hard it would be to program something along these lines.

After thought, this is not really needed in the program but would be a nice overall add. The ability to add names to given spots. E.G. a faded name that vanishes once you type in that box or use a drop down menu.

1: {Movie Name}
2: {Movie Year}
3: -- {Resolution}
3a: SD
3b: 480P
3c: 576P
3d: 720P
3e: 1080P
4: -- {Riptype}
4a: VHSRip
4b: UnkownRip
5: -- {Encoding Codec}
5a: DivX3
5b: DivX4
5c: DivX5
5d: Xvid
6: --
7: --
8: --
9: --


--- Code: PowerShell [email protected] off & setlocalcd X:\video\pathfor /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b /a-d *.mp4') do (    set "fnameo=%%~ni"    set "fnamee=%%~xi"    set "Height="    for /f "delims=" %%j in ('mediainfo "--Inform=Video;%%Height%%" "%%~i"') do set "Height=%%j"     setlocal enabledelayedexpansion    call set "selftest=%%fnameo:[x264 !Height!p]=%%"    if "!selftest!" equ "!fnameo!" if not exist "!fnameo! [x264 !Height!p]!fnamee!" (        echo rename "!fnameo!!fnamee!" "!fnameo! [x264 !Height!p]!fnamee!"    )    endlocal)
This is the script taken from StackOverflow. It requires you also to download a tool: mediainfo (command-line version, direct link to the download).

After downloading and extracting the archive, you should either copy it into a folder that is part of your system's PATH variable or add the folder you extracted mediainfo into to your system's PATH variable, similar to the following example:
 SET PATH=%PATH%;X:\name\of\your\extract\folder

The script is supposed to take any file from the folder you configure:
cd X:\video\path
and add the resolution of the video/movie file to it's name. That is the only thing the script does in it's current state.

As it is, it only checks for movie files with the extension .mp4 and it won't rename files just yet. It will show you the example of the renaming it is intending to do. So you can still adjust the renaming schema to your liking, without messing up the names the video/movie files currently have.

When you have set the name schema you like, remove the text 'echo'  from the line:
echo rename "!fnameo!!fnamee!" "!fnameo! [x264 !Height!p]!fnamee!"
and rerun the script.

Doing the renaming by script will make it a job that is done quickly and consistent, without too much user intervention (once it is setup to your liking) now or in the future. From your description I gathered that you need to do this for a lot of files, so scripting is in such cases preferable.

MediaInfo (main website) looks to be a pretty extensive tool for retrieving lots of the data you want to incorporate into the file names. Please investigate further for incorporating more of those features into the script and the files in your forum should soon be properly renamed.

Hope it helps.

Thanks but that is not what I am looking for. I appreciate you taking the time to post this but overall this does not come close to my needs as it only tried to identify the resolution of a given file. I am looking to deal with the entire name of a file.

I'll start work on this tomorrow.   :Thmbsup:

Here's a teaser screenshot of the GUI to this point.  Working on the actual functionality now.

I work with classics movie files


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