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LBC Screencast Videos Aren't Working

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I am trying to see if there is an "open with" setting in LBC to allow me to select one of a couple of browsers to open a url.
It is touched on in the help file under Global Options but I am looking for more guidance.

Before asking the forum I thought I would check the LBC screencasts. But they aren't coming up when you click any of the links.
Instead, I takes me to a YouTube page with videos for FARR and Screenshot Captor. No LBC.
Any other way I can get to them?


I'll see if I can't fix the video section.. It got a little scrambled when we upgraded the website.
Can you elaborate on what you are wanting with the web browser thing?  Here's the main setting to set a custom url (and of course for any url in a specific node/button you could manually specify the full path to a browser):

I have a node/group set up with a series of URLs I visit regularly. I also have 2 different portable web browsers I use for different reasons. Along with my "default" installed browser.
Is there a way, that while I am hovering on one of the saved links, I can right-click to bring up my list of portable browsers to select one from to open the link.

Maybe this better explains:
Pop open LBC dock > go to node with URLs and click to open/expand > list of URL's opens > hover on a URL selection > right-click to bring up list of portable browsers > click on one > That browser starts and opens the URL

Is this possible?

I'm not sure if this really helps, but are you aware of another old mouser program, BrowserTraySwitch?

I *could* add something like this, but I remember in years past we have discussed how useful it would be in general to have a browser "proxy" utility, that acted like a browser but when you trigger it, it can apply some pattern rules that the user can edit to tell it what browser to use to launch the url, OR for other patterns (or by default) pop up a list to choose from.

Such a program must already exist because it's would be useful to a bunch of people.  Does anyone know of a free tool to do this?  If not, let's code it.


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