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How to purchase "USA shipping only" products from outside USA

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@4wd: Hey, nice campsite shot there Bruce!    :Thmbsup:

I'm a minimalist - similar to @tsaint - except that I tend to keep the gear down to the bare essentials and probably would never bother even trying a swag unless I was in the Oz environment, let alone the Amok hammock (though it looks very interesting).

Edit: if I were in a position to take you up on your offer, I'd for sure invite you to try it out. You might just get converted.-tsaint (May 09, 2019, 08:31 AM)
--- End quote ---

I don't think so ;)

* Trees spaced appropriately apart are hard to come by in the desert,
* Rolling a swag out takes a couple of minutes which leaves more time for drinking enjoying the environment,
* Rolling a swag up takes a couple of minutes, good when you want to move fast ie. it's about to downpour, fire, whatever,
* We have space to spare in the Landcruiser: swags, table, chairs, fridge, food, fuel, etc, etc.
We're four wheel drivers, always looking for a new, more challenging track and trying to cover as much distance as possible ... we try not to spend more than a day in one place.

BTW, is not showing it in stock either AFAICT.

Old debate.
From my POV:
1. Quicker than using my bivvie sized tent - 2 lashings and finished.
2. No bending
3. Hands stay clean - no grovelling in the dirt
4. Takes up much less space than swag
5. No rolling up hassle
6. MORE places to camp
 - avoid the "nice spot but ground's too rocky/uneven/sloped" problem
 - in NPs, camp in spots not popular because of slope - eg if forced to camp in "shared", designated camp grounds
7. No worries about floor staying dry
1. Can't spread gear around it like in a tent
2. Too much adrenalin if there's much lightning

BTW, I don't need trees. Car can be one tree, I've a pole than can act as 2nd tree. And having said all that, I've 3 other tents I'll never chuck out!

Thanks Swift_Man, I'll check that one out.

When the reason, for not being allowed to buy from outside of USA, is due to copyrights or similar, the physical address is often less important than the address of the paying credit card. I have at least twice been denied the right to buy ebooks, and been told that the plastic card's address was the reason.

It doesn't seem to me that MyUS can do anything about this. Can they?

Any other way?  :tellme:


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