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Jpg captures B/W


All my captures in jpg are suddenly in monochrome when opened in external editors. Png, bmp and gifs are in colour. The internal Screen capture editor shows the images in colour.

What am I missing.

Please tell what operating system, and what external editors  :tellme:

Windows 10. I normally use XnView but it doesn't matter what external browser. The captured images come up in monochrome. The strange thing is that the images come up in colour in the Screen Capture's internal editor.


So, your question may really be about mouser's program, Screenshot Captor?
Then I suggest this thread being moved to

I can move the thread.. This is really an odd phenomena.  Let me ask if changing the compression level makes any difference? (or color depth for that matter)

Can you show a screenshot of your options dialog on the "Image File Format" tab?

Oh! And attach one of your jpg captures that shows up in black and white?


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