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Why do people keep requesting DonationCoder license keys for Pokemon Go??

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Here's what someone messaged me:

"I downloaded ispoofer for Pokémon Go from tweak-box. Upon entering the game you have 2 black menu bars (part of the hack) the left one when clicked asks for you to Subscribe Now and Activate. When clicking Activate it brings you to a in game page saying to enter your License key. In blue underneath the text box (where you would put you key) it says “Get a license key”. When you click it brings you to a page and that’s where I clicked a link that said to contact you guys for a free permanent license key. "

So I don't know if that app is sending people directly to our page, or merely sending them on a google search, which is generic enough that it happens to show our page as top link.  :tellme:

Maybe you need to add a section to the license key page specifically mentioning that you don't provide license keys for Pokemon Go and perhaps also mention that DonationCoder doesn't support illegally obtaining/sharing license keys.

I don't know if it's just me (based on my browsing history or other shit google tracks), but the search term "Get a license key" actually brings up DC as the top result.  Is this true for anybody else?

Is this true for anybody else?
-Stephen66515 (May 10, 2019, 05:09 PM)
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It is for me on DuckDuckGo.

Hmph. Spoofing your location in Pokemon Go is also against their rules, and if caught your account is banned.


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