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Any way to automatically save to a file AND copy to the clipboard?


Hi - I did a quick search but couldn't find this exact question.  I apologize if it is here and a repeat.

Is there any way to automatically save to a file AND copy to the clipboard with the same hotkey i.e. not switch to the preferences and toggle these options and then redo the screenshot?  Much of the time I use the screenshots immediately, but sometimes I want to have it in a file.  Switching modes is a little cumbersome.  Any way to set to both or toggle quickly between these options?

You can very easily tell SC to always save the screenshot to file, and always copy the image (or filename if you prefer) to the clipboard after every capture.
And indeed to otherwise stay out of the way minimized in the tray so you are not bothered by the pop-up post capture dialog.

With these settings, every time you make a capture it will be auto saved and the image copied to the clipboard, without being bothered by the program.
You can later open up the main SC window and delete files you don't want (or use the automatic archiving feature in SC to auto file them by date).

Does that answer your question?

Thanks so much!  Great software, by the way.  I use many of Mouser's software and don't know what I would do without them.  I believe they actually give me a competitive advantage (speed, ease of doing things, etc.).


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