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git9 - A Git file system for Plan 9


Now this is awesome. Finally, Git has at least one advantage over Mercurial.  :-[

(Basically, you'll "mount" your Git repositories.)

Ironically, the repository is hosted via Mercurial...


Which part?

I'm not sure. I know nothing beyond wikipedia about Plan 9 (have seen parts of the film though!  ;D). Do you use it and in what way will this new development make it better to use?

I play with some of its parts, currently investigating if it is a good idea to run Plan 9 as my backup server.

There was no Git client for Plan 9 before. Now there is one, and it perfectly fits Plan 9's general concept: Everything is a file system. Even more so than on Unix: Even sockets are a file system - in fact, you can even import a different Plan 9 computer's network stack right into your machine. Admittedly, most of it only makes sense if you have more than one Plan 9 computer.  :D


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