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Easy file sharing from the Linux command line

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Hi. How about good old FTP?

You could just start ftpdmin on the Windows machine, and connect to it using your command line ftp client from the headless Linux.

Did you try this over a VPN?

I made a script for transferring files. By default it tries to send files using WebDAV, but in the case that fails, the script uses FTP as a fall back option. I make use of this FTP server software (simple, free for 3 users) and the default FTP commands available with the MS command line.

There are pretty severe limitations in the location where I need to generate the files I need to pull to my location. If this would make that whole setup even easier, I would consider to alter my script.   

I've used woof a few times now, and I'm pretty happy with how it works for me. Super simple to install, no configuration necessary, and a simple command handles everything to transfer the files I need. :Thmbsup:


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