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IDEA: Modern Mobile browser: Log Android Browser Users Browsing Histories


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Have you seen websites like and the like where they help you build Android Mobile Apps ? You can build your own Android Browser.
I've seen a handful. But guess what ? None of them allow you to build an Android Browser that logs what your browser users are browsing. It should log the webpages visited and in the background, without annoying or disturbing the user, send the log to your mysql database.
The user should see menu->Settings.
In this Settings screen, user should fill-in fields that asks for user's website's mysql database. Database, to where the users browsing history logs should be sent.
So, let us say, the Settings Page looks like this:

Mysql User:
Mysql User Password:
Mysql Database Name:
Mysql Table Name:

Let us say the Android Browser is called "Look".
Now, let us imagine user filled-in fields like this:

Mysql User: user
Mysql User Password: password
Mysql Database Name: look_browser
Mysql Table Name: users_browsing_histories

Let us say, user now headed off to google. Once the google page loads, the Android Browser should submit data like this to the user's website's mysql database:

(Imagine the following are column names):

A scenario how my mysql db records will look like:
0|04/07/2019|idea_man||programming forum|A programming Forum|php,

Now, whenever I am somewhere and my fone is not with me. I can just logon with my laptop to my website and checkout my browsing history for any reason. Also, others can checkout my browsing history via my website.

Anyway, who's gonna build this Android Browser ? Don't forget to credit me for the idea giver.

Now, who's gonna build this and give us all a copy ? If you know of any website like that allows us to build such an Android Browser App then say so here! Because, I have found none so far!


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