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You Build Me .php and I Build you .exe! Deal ?


The Code Queryer:
Php & cURL Folks,

I am a php student. I struggle with php and cURL the most.
Is anybody here interested in program trades ? This is where I will give you .exe bots and you will give me .php bots.
When I say "bots", I mean automation tools and not illegal bots such as spam bots and the like.

Why am I looking forward to this trade ? It's like this. I learnt how to build .exe bots and now I want to build web versions of them. Problem is, I am struggling with php and cURL. I am not a real programmer who uses programming languages to build automation tools. I use GUI programming tools. I just click buttons and the automation tools are built as the tool spits the code to C# and compiles them.
Since I am not a real programmer then you can understand why I am struggling with php. Checkout my threads to see where I am stuck on php.
And, checkout my "IDEA" threads for some of my internet business ideas.
I need some php developer to build me this:
I will supply you with a .exe copy. You can give it away or sell it aswell as use it. I don't care. You should give me same privilege. I just want to grab a php version and learn from the source code how to automate the web using php and cURL. That's all. I've been honest with you guys here, right from the beginning. So, how-about a trade ?


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