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Text Expander for Windows

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I have used a program called Active Words for well over a decade, and I recommend it very highly.  I've used it to substitute words, paragraphs, and full documents. I've used it to automatically correct some of my frequent typos. I've used it to insert passwords, open files, launch programs, navigate to web sites, etc. etc. etc. All these are simple, straightforward procedures. Active Words also has a scripting language that considerably expands what you can have it do. 

Active Words is one of the very first programs I install on any computer. However, I should mention that I am using an old version.  For some reason that neither I nor their tech support could pinpoint, the current version didn't work well on my Windows 7 computer, so I've continued to use version 2.1. That version won't work on Windows 10, however, so if/when I eventually buy a new computer, I'll move to Active Words 3, which is available for an annual fee of $30.  In many cases, that annual fee would be a deal breaker for me, but I think Active Words is worth it.

Perhaps Lintalist ;D
(not directly suitable for typos and "one word" only replacements, but it has some nice "plugins" which may be useful for larger texts.
-Lintalist (April 01, 2019, 03:35 PM)
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Yes, a very good suggestion. A rather powerful tool.
For "...suitable for typos and 'one word' only replacements" I would recommend tacking on the AutoHotkey script AutoCorrect. It's a brilliant script, and the user can dynamically add new words/strings, or make changes to the existing store.
Pathagoras Document Automation and Management might be worth a look as well. That's also a pretty powerful tool.

Pythagoras might be worth a look as well. That's also a pretty powerful tool.-IainB (April 03, 2019, 01:08 AM)
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^ 12.400.000 results. I couldn't find it.

^^@Curt: Oops, sorry. Have corrected it and put the link in. (Yes, I could do better, I know you know. Story of my life...)

TypingAid could be useful as well, also AutoHotkey, also free.


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