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Greetings all, it has been quite a while due to lots of things going on over the last few years (personally, professionally, medically, etc.). That said, I know I can come here for honest and open recommendations so that is what I seek to aid my wife.

She has recently started her own business as a copy editor (much thanks to Stephen for his help in getting her launched) and I am looking for a text expander product for her for the Windows platform. I wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were in the area as I know this has been a long and discussed topic in the past. I use Keyboard Maestro on my MBP and am hoping for something as simplistic. I know there are free scripting tools such as AutoHotKey which is used by quite a few folks here, but I am looking for something with a nice UI she can use on her own.

What recommendations does the group have for this category of software?

Thanks in advance!

Since you like AHK, perhaps take a look at FastKeys click here. The web site shows quite a bit of the interface so you and your wife could see if it looks to be a good fit. (It's inexpensive, too.)

Oooh! That looks promising. Thanks :)

Ethervane Echo from DC member Tranglos comes to mind. But I'm pretty sure it is not actively maintained. The domain where you used to be able to download from is not there anymore.

PhraseExpander - pretty pricey commercial software, but there is a freeware version for personal use.
WordExpander - looks to be freeware
Breevy - commercially licensed
FastKeys - commercially licensed

Perhaps Lintalist ;D
(not directly suitable for typos and "one word" only replacements, but it has some nice "plugins" which may be useful for larger texts.


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