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What kind of software to use for storing lots of information?

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I reckon InfoQube (IQ) would be very suitable for this. IQ has recently gotten a hierarchical Tagging system:

Here an example of a relational database in IQ -- "InfoQube is not a relational database, this, by-design. Using a number of features however, it can handle tasks which are traditionally handled by relational database systems.":

I'm not expert in organising/structuring myself but have gotten help in the past in the IQ forums setting up a file/structure for my needs.

Software for developing and organizing characters - Writing Stack Exchange

Steven Avery:
I switched to using Protopage for most of my note keeping.  It has an interesting capability to have mulitpages (signons that are remembered together and that have distinctive urls)

And any one page has many rows (you create one at a time) and each row has tabs and each tabs has very flexible boxes, including Rich Text Boxes, and bookmark boxes. 

If you make the tabs have descriptive names, that largely helps with the one weakness, search.
Generally, for basic home and biz and finance stuff, I now go there, rather than Rightnote, Evernote, etc.

I can add 2 suggestions to the list:

Info Select

Super cool fast searching wonderland. But not cheap. Trial version available.


I switched to it, because I wanted to save some money over Info Select, and since I don't have a business anymore, NoteCasePro will do. But I am still using a very old version of IS, because it is so good.

NoteCasePro is also very powerful, just not as slick.

BTW, Anthony, it would be nice if you can give us some feedback.

for what you are talking about I'd use InfoQube.


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