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Screen change detector

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I am looking for a screen change detector that will alert me with a sound when the screen changes.
There are quite a few programs that do this. I am currently using "Pixel Change Detector"
This works very well, but only when the window that I am monitoring is in focus (on top)

I want something that will monitor a specific window even when it is not in focus and I have another window open.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


that will monitor a specific window even when it is not in focus and I have another window open.
-JohanV (March 26, 2019, 08:44 AM)
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It is not guaranteed that the window content is updated if another window is (partially) covering it, so that might be quite a challenge... and maybe a little less if you can place that window visible and uncovered. And then there is a chance that the application detects it doesn't have focus and lowers/ceases the screen update frequency.

Thanks for your input.
The screen definitely updates.
I am running a PayToClick program that sends through orders. It's these orders I want to be notified of.
An order comes through as a blue bar across the screen.
The program runs on a Firefox extension.
I log in then leave the window open But I have other work to do so I open a new window to carry on working.

Using PixelChangeDetector is easy when the window is open and in focus but it cannot monitor a window that is not in focus/on top.

I've never used a two-monitor setup, so don't know if this is feasible.  Could you have two monitors, with the window you want to watch the sole item on one of them, perhaps pinned to be always on top to be sure, and do all other work on the other monitor?

@JohanV: - regarding your Q in the OP:
As an AHK user, I did a duckgo search for info on this: autohotkey - detect change in window
 - and some of the results looked potentially useful.
For example, including:

* Method to detect active window change?
* Run script on active window change
I also did a duckgo search on this: event viewer - detect change in a window
 - as I wondered whether that might be an easy avenue to pursue (anything that occurs in the system could probably be defined as an event).
Not sure whether the results would be useful though, as I know little about triggering/viewing system events, though I am aware that several third party applications "log" events to the viewer and subscriptions can also be enabled - e.g., for remote PCs or dual monitors. It seems to be a pretty sophisticated component of the OS.

Hope this helps or is of use.


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