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Sign Up Sheets


We are looking for a way to create our own online signup sheets.

I am thinking about where folks could go to a web page and enter their name and email address, and be able to return later, perhaps, to remove or edit their entry.

There are all sorts of these things online, usually with subscription pricing.  But I could also run such a thing on my own webserver.

Anyone have an experience in this realm?

Depending on the complexity of the system you want people to sign up for, would a standard CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal not suffice? Most of them are easy enough to install on your own web server. And standard CMS installations without or barely any 3rd party plugins are quite safe (and easy to upgrade in case new versions and/or security upgrades come out). 

I'm not too interested in an entire CMS system.  Just a sign-up sheet system is all.  Kind of like those php BB forums, but for signup sheets.

I used to use MachForm for this.  The pricing was pretty straightforward, and having the code was a plus.  It's strictly a form submission type of deal though.  The form builder is pretty straightforward, and easy to use.

KynloStephen66515: (Free for a certain amount of users/responses) (seems to just be free...I dunno though)

You could always go a bit more complex and have a google form/spreadsheet combo then push/pull the data via the API, to your own front end.


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