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Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned email checker



Pulled out of one of Arizona's posts in Stuff, then a layer deeper than a fluff article, this might be the start of my return to paying more attention to the boards rather than idle chatter.

Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned webmail checker

I know I've been rather sloppy on exactly how strong my password is, but I didn't count on site breaches! So no matter now good YourSuperLongSafePasswordWith!Extra*Characters is, none of that helps you if a repository site in the middle gets hacked!

I'm going to try to use the password plugin for Chrome (and Chromium Friends!) browsers. (I'm starting to like Vivaldi!)

But I figured I'd post this here since about half my emails that have been around for a long time have credentials that were breached last couple of years!

So far I haven't seen any immense fallout from all this, but I used to be better read on overall tech news, and I might start trying to do that again soon!

(Minor Irrelevant Rant - I still prefer to see full descriptions and links to resources. I hate it when sites link random words!

This has been posted about here before:

Have I Been Pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach


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