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Preview email in Search Messages results in Thunderbird

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When I do a search of my emails in Thunderbird, the program opens a Search Messages window which lists the emails that meet the search criteria.

In order to view any of these emails, I have to click on each one to open it in a separate window.

This is slow and annoying.

Does anyone know of a way to add a preview pane or other preview email method in this window?

I would really, really appreciate it.


bump - anyone know the answer to this?

maybe Hank can try by posting a request here at Mozillazine forums..

Does it help to press F8 thereby opening up the preview pane, either before or after yopu do the search?


Unfortunately, I always have a preview pane open on my main screen in Thunderbird, so no, opening that pane doesn't affect the Search Messages window.

I did post a message on the Thunderbird forum, as suggested.


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