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Good auto clicker for specific needs?


Hello everyone,,
I am trying to download a bunch of files from this website, but it will only let me download one file at a time. I tried using an auto clicker to click download then go to the next page, but I can't time it efficiently, since the downloads take between 5 minutes and 45 minutes each. Is there an auto clicker out there that I can set to click once it detects nothing being downloaded in chrome? or something that might let me bypass the one download limit thing??

You don't say what version of Windows you're using, what software you've tried, nor what exactly the web site is.  All that is potentially useful information in this kind of query...

Unless you have special requirements, you may find it better to try a completely different approach.  Have you tried a Download managerw?  Don't miss the Comparison of download managersw either.

I use Internet Download Manager.  It isn't free, but it's good value, and says it can do what you ask; see Internet Download Manager Features.  Or, I think Free Download Manager can also do it.

If you really must have an auto-clicker, you may need one with reasonable intelligence and at least basic scripting.  Try PTFB Pro ("Push the Freakin' Button").  Or a full-blown macro program like Macro Express.


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