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Hi Mouser,
  Is there any way to set the program to record the audio from my speakers? I only saw the Microphone Array option.

Anyone tried putting a male + male cord from Headphone to Mic or Line In?  :-\

(Easy enough to try, just don't want to if something FUed  >:( happens)

I am also looking for an ability to record from speaker audio (like a loopback)

this kind of thing, what you need is loopback software.  things like a virtual audio cable.  if you have an RME soundcard, the driver software totalmix can do it itself.    But if you don't, I've had some luck doing this with a program called Virtual Audio Cable.  Others around the web use VAC (different lol, these names are ridiculous), which is free.  It's all pretty complex to setup and fairly frustrating from what i remember.  But it's very nice when it works.

I use GoldWave for this, and it works without a loopback cable.


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