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Stadia Google

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And maybe the thought of extra business renting consumers their online stuff/entertainment/presence will provide the push to have much better internet service throughout the whole Unites States.

Which would act as an example for the other ISP/Telecom businesses over the world....

Like a herd of sheep being marched to go down the rabbit hole, chanting "#progress", "#new", "#shiny" etc. as we go.

Hmmm, that was a bit dark.

^Nailed It!

(Ultimate Corporate Cloud Control) Anything can be taken away at anytime for any reason … But the consumer can keep on a payin', because it's all being done - by the mothership - "for their own good"...
-Stoic Joker (March 21, 2019, 08:44 AM)
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That's the reason that the tech behind shadow appeals to me more.  I have a machine that I can game on, but I don't have to use that machine.  Of course, most people don't think that way...

I also forgot to mention that since this is Google we're talking about. You can expect them to pull the plug on it within the next 5-10 years. :P

EDIT: And I just came across this on Twitter via Lanux128: - A list of dead Google products and when they died.

I like it. I don't play much, only a few Steam games now and then and with a lower end GPU. Every time I do play the Steam client is annoyingly slow to start and always has to download updates first. Understandable since it was weeks/months since the last use, but still a wait. I'd gladly skip upgrading the GPU again in a few years time and by then instead switch to some Stadia type game streaming service if it is like Netflix: pay for a month and play anything in some basic package. I'd accept a little extra latency for that gain in convenience.

I'm curious how Stadia, if it becomes a thing, could shake up the currently walled in console platforms. Might for example Nintendo get on board and offer Switch games through the service?

Related read

Google came to the id offices to set up a "Pepsi Challenge"-style blind test between Stadia and local hardware "to keep themselves honest and really drill down on eliminating perceivable differences in the play experience. They also wanted to demonstrate that Stadia could be superior to a local experience in certain eyes." In that blind test, you could "hardly tell what was local and what was remote," according to Land.
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The company also sees big benefits in the reduced friction of users not having to download game files and the added security of the game binary not being exposed to the end-user.
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