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IDEA: edit decision list preparation for long audio files, subtle GUI...

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Bass is easy and understandable to handle, contain demo for many aspects and not just in one language.
(Delphi is my language, i am okay with it)

realistically, between job and toddler I don't think I'm going to be able to dive into coding this up...

Hey skwire - does Trout already do some of this?

Hey skwire - does Trout already do some of this?-mutetourettes (December 05, 2018, 03:13 AM)
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Trout uses the BASS library and plays back various types of music files.  It doesn't do any of the editing or custom stuff you described.

Just a small tip: mp3 file id3 tags supports chapters. If some suitable audioplayer supports showing chapters during playback (VLC perhaps? At least it does for video files) then some of the requested features could perhaps be made through a small frontend app that uses VLC and some id3 tag command line tool to create/adjust chapters and to export/cut audio. FFMpeg also seems to have support for id3 chapters in mp3 files.

Another idea: Some audio players support .cue sheets that make one big audio file appears as multiple tracks. A frontend tool could based on user input edit the plaintext .cue sheet and then reload it in the audio player to achieve some of the requested features.

Would I be insane to try and program this using SDL 2.0 ?

I ask as I've found a youtube series to guide me through the baby steps.. I find getting the ball rolling is the hardest part. SDL seems to be mostly for games developers though, so I'm slightly worried it's the wrong tool...


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