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youtube downloader?

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What is a good free addon youtube vid downloader and browser to use with, please? I prefer seamonkey or pale moon, but will try just about anything if it has a good dumbed-down HUD or clickable icon for code-challenged non-pros like me.

I've recently discovered 4K Video Downloader, which isn't a browser add-on, but it seems a decent and simple downloader app:

The best tool is a Premium membership...  :(

I have tried many offline tools, 4kdown.., 3dyou.. etc. but they all fail as and when youtube makes changes.

Recently when I search for 'youtube to mp3' for my son, I found
The best I must say. No fuss, direct mp4 or mp3 and many more, see screen shots.

youtube downloader?

It is in my bookmark now and I did not faced any problem till date. You may give it a try.



Recently when I search for 'youtube to mp3' for my son, I found
The best I must say. No fuss,
-anandcoral (March 18, 2019, 05:07 AM)
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Just a minor fuss, but still fuss:

Sorry for the interruption
We've detected the use of an ad blocker and it's blocking our conversion service
Please disable your ad blocker to continue using our services normally-YouTube to MP3 Converter. onlinevideoconverter
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Personally, I use Chrome > Open with... > Firefox 52 > Video Download Helper or 4K or ... €10.00 YouTube Song Downloader from AbelsSoft
But of course, that is all too slow for busy people. Guess what, I am not that busy!


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