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DONE: Mass convert already locally saved html (+htm +mht) files to pdf

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Just need to test for the existence of the output file:

--- Code: PowerShell ---if (!(Test-Path $outFile)) {...}
Added, try it now, (haven't tested it but it should work).

I have tested your update and this is so great 4wd ! ;)
Many thanks. ;)

Inspired by I have added for Chrome (see in row #49) :

--- Code: PowerShell ---$args = "`"$($inFile)`" --headless --run-all-compositor-stages-before-draw --virtual-time-budget=10000 --print-to-pdf=`"$($outFile)`""For me it doesn't seem to change anything ! Maybe this would help someone in the future... ;)

Thank you again ;)
See ya

Thanks, 4wd.  Moving thread to the Finished section.


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