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SOLVED: quickly sort pictures


I just found a nice app for iOS:

It would be great to have something similar for Windows 10 as well.

I made a draft:
SOLVED: quickly sort pictures
1. Step back. Undoes moving.
2. Shows the picture number/total pictures
3. Extra folder for files to delete (or move to recycle bin, dont know if undelete harder to implement)
4. A current picture
5. User created folders
6. Add a new folder

My hotkeys suugestions:
spacebar or swipe up - delete and move to the next pic
arrows or swipes - next/prev picture
probably xcvbnm for user folders

I'm not sure it's exactly what you want, but have you looked at FastStone Image Viewer?  Grab the tutorial from the Download page too; it's old, but may give some helpful hints.

Great app, but I didn't find the way to customize the keyboard shortcuts.

will create folders on the fly according to the keys you press.
You press A, the current pic will end up in folder A
You press B, it will end up in folder B

All these folders will be subfolders of a target folder that you specify via File > Set target folder
Whether you copy or move is up to you, just change it via settings

I found the way how to setup hotkeys in every program I want:

Thanks everyone, FastStone Image Viewer and PhotoSift with KeyboardExt is exactly what I need.


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