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Does any folder in tree have more than one file in it?

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@4wd  EBO.  Beautifully accomplished.  Terrific little program.  Amazing skills.

Thank you!

@highend01  Absolutely.  After using 4wd's EBO to make sure what's about to be zapped, time for MTOF to do the pruning.

Great work!

A quick note on what the application is with the present request: Music Collection Maintenance.-nkormanik (March 03, 2019, 12:19 AM)
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Find and Remove Duplicate Songs Automatically

Audio Comparer is a simple tool that will help you to automatically find and remove duplicate songs in your collection. The program works with Windows Vista/7/8/10 and can compare audio files by their actual sound data. Audio Comparer listens to your audio files and remembers all of them. After that, it compares how they sound and places similar-sounding files into groups where you can select which file you want to delete and which to leave on your hard drive. This way our program can even detect duplicates with wrong or missed tags filled. Also, Audio Comparer is able to detect the same song stored in different audio formats (for example, FLAC and MP3). -Bolide Audio Comparer
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