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Does any folder in tree have more than one file in it?

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Given a large directory tree full of folders, maybe thousands, each and every folder is ONLY supposed to have one single file within it.

If there is any folder with more than a single file within it, I need to take a look at what the additional file(s) is/are.

The task of following each and every branch, and opening every folder to have a peek is enormously daunting, really time consuming.

Instead, ideally, software can go throughout and do the checking.

If more than one file is in a single folder, create a link to that folder, to form a list of links.

After the process, one can click on a link to automatically open said folder in explorer.

An additional option might be to show the number of files found.  But not so necessary as simply providing the link to the folder.

Any programming help from you wizards will be greatly appreciated.

As far as existing solutions out there, TreeSize sort of appears helpful.  However, two issues with TreeSize:  1. It chokes before even showing a list of folders.  2. There is no way of telling it to ONLY show folders with MORE THAN ONE file within it; it shows ALL folders.

Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.

Nicholas Kormanik

I think I can whip something up. Give me a few

Here is a quick and dirty app I call More Than One File. Extract mtof.exe and run. Enter or browse for the root folder and press Process. It'll add any sub-folder that has more than one file to the list. Double click the list item to open that folder.

Download -

Version History - Updated to include ALL sub-folders under the root [recursive list]. - Initial release

Does any folder in tree have more than one file in it?

c.gingerich, beautiful work.  Close, but not quite.  mtof.exe is a keeper as is.  But the program requested must make a distinction between "files" and "folders."

mtof.exe presently groups the two together.

Does any folder have more than a single "file" within it?

Perhaps Windows doesn't allow for the distinction.

By the way, I tried again with TreeSize, and left it running overnight.  Still was not able to show a refreshed window with results by morning.  Just sat there.  Duh.  And this the Cadillac of such processing.

But the program requested must make a distinction between "files" and "folders."
-nkormanik (February 25, 2019, 07:55 PM)
--- End quote ---

I guess I am not understanding what you mean. mtof does not include folders when counting, it only counts "files" that are in the sub-folders under the root folder. Maybe you can show me what you mean with a screen shot?


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