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How to automatically generate reports based on xls files?

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I have an MS Word document that I want some fields to be pulled from an xls file stored in a server.

For example:

1) a field would be the total number of lines of the xls apart from the header
2) a field would be the number of lines that the field under a specific header is the same as one or two values
3) a field would be the percentage of the above number of lines to the total number of lines

Do you know how to implement these? Is there an easy way?
I can do it in other tools if more easy, but they have to be part of MS OS, like Powershell, MS Office, etc.


Ideally, I would like to make use of Excel Functions, e.g. use the COUNTIF, INDEX/MATCH etc to find the numbers I need.

Can you attach a real sample of the xls file here, so we can determine the structure, and you describe what exact elements you need the report to operate on?

I don't want you to do the job, I want to learn.

Hi there .o/

I suppose you could convert the .xls file to a .csv and then make use of a tool like textql, though it's not part of Windows.


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