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IDEA: Prevent windows stealing focus


the issue is that on typing something a popup will appear, and the user ignorant of this, presses enter. depending on what program made that popup - the effects could be VERY bad (files being deleted etc!)

So a mini program to prevent all programs from stealing focus of input. And also - appearing off to the side, like toasties in windows. possibly even in a single column so that the user can deal with them all at once when they are done doing whatever they are doing. ONLY the active program can have popup windows in cetner - but tehy are still not stealing focus.


If someone ever finds the answer to this they should send it to Microsoft since even they can't get it to happen/work.

or, equally likely, go the other way and have an application make your loudspeaker say beep, whenever a window is popping up...

If someone ever finds an answer to this, so should let me know so I can stop suffering.  I've been searching for this fountain of sanity for years... 

It's a good idea.. I don't think it would be too hard, it would just require a way for the user to easily add exceptions for certain programs that should be allowed to pop-up and steal focus.
So on seeing a new app take focus that wasn't triggered by a mouse click, the utility would put focus back on last window and show an alert and let the user indicate that they want that app to be able to take focus in the future, etc.


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