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Password manager apps for browser and android

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Curious to know what others use to store and fill in passwords on web and phone/tablet (android for me)

Me: Have used Roboform briefly and then went to Lastpass
Originally the premium LP found cheaply via Humble Bundle etc.
LP has some annoying features but works pretty well
Premium price is no US$36 p.a. - wow
Most of the features including use on phone are now in the free version
SO I could stay with that
I am trialing BitWarden which seems to be a very close copy of the LP service
Although it claims the program code is Open Source which is good - but still linked to their website/service
I did install KeePassX and a browser extension as well
It did work too but was clunky to get going etc.
haven't tried on Phone yet

I have been using and am happy with SafeInCloud.

It's not open source, but there is no online subscription - online storage is your choice of DropBox, Google Drive, or a couple others.  You can also use your own WebDAV server if you want.  The mobile app versions are around $5 at whichever app store (with the occasional sale).  There are Windows and Mac desktop apps that are free.

However, I can't speak to its browser or automatic password fill-in integration (which it claims to have) as I have never tried those features.

You can try the Android or iOS app free for a couple weeks.

Computer: Keepass + chromeIPass (Chrome based browsers) or Kee (Mozilla based browsers)
Android: Keepass2Android with database loaded/cached from GDrive.

Synced through IDrive, (database is in sync folder), and GDrive, (synced every time there's a load/save on computer).

I've been using Enpass for a few years now on both PC (Windows, Linux) and Android. It's not the greatest, but it does the job, and it has a reasonable price if you want to pay for some of the "premium" features. I paid for it on Android, which I think was about $10. But I haven't paid for the PC version.

Their website is

Enpass has a similar set of features as SafeInCloud.  A couple things that it has over SafeInCloud are:

1) a Linux client
2) multiple vaults (which permits sharing a limited set of data with another person)


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