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Review Pendrive Microdrive usb 3.0 128 GB

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Heat is to be expected when a lot of reading and writing onto any drive, whatever form or shape.

Most are designed to get rid of this excess heat sufficiently fast enough, while not being too uncomfortable to carry around in a pocket. If a drive does not heat up, perhaps not much reading and/or writing is going on. Unless there is a active cooling element on your drive there, temperature will vary, depending what you are doing on it.

There are pen drives that show up as very big, but actually have (much) less capacity. Some even apply the trick that when a file is written to that drive with a size that exceeds the actual capacity (but not the reported capacity), it just starts to overwrite the file from the beginning of the drive. So if you generate a file with numbers that follow up on each other, you will know quickly enough if your pen drive either fails to generate the specified size or that it overwrites the file from the beginning.

Simple, but effective check to see if you have bought a drive with the promised capacity or not.

Often there are other indicators that should make you wonder if it is too good to be true. Take a look at differences in font of the sticker that indicates the size. Yes, some vendors are cheap enough to use generic stickers on which the promised capacity is added in a not matching font. Same is true for other forms of packaging.

But that capacity for that price? From a not so reputable source? Yeah, that sure sounds like it is way too good to be true.
-Shades (February 17, 2019, 08:18 AM)
--- End quote ---
Recently I bought micro SD in AliExpress from SanDisk. Microdrive have similar prices to this manufacturer in this product.

I continue using the pendrive without problems.
I will comment only the things to happen.

I have to recognize my completely failure with the high capacity pendrives sold by AliExpress.

I having a lot of problems with these units.
When I claim to AliExpress they rejected the proofs made with fakeFlashTest. They don't send me the money back.

I am also having problems with micro SD cards of 128GB and 256GB I don't suspect at the beginning.

I will inform with time. Now I am with my ass between my arms....



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